About a Girl, and her Dog!

I first met Amber at CARE when she had just been brought in from the street. She had been abandoned on the road by her previous family and was found scavenging for food and shelter. I was at CARE to take her adoption pictures.

It was rejection at first sight! She knew she wanted nothing to do with me and chose to hide under a bench. Treats, toys, squeaky noises – nothing worked! While I was dealing with this quick and painful rejection, I understood I had to wait patiently at a distance, and crop later.


On the other hand, sometimes things just click. Thats exactly what happened a few days later when 1.5yr old Nandini visited CARE with her parents to meet Amber. Their bonding was instantaneous, which today (a year later) has only strengthened. They sleep, wake up, play, and eat together. If it were possible, Amber would go to school with Nandini. They miss each other after a few hours and voice their displeasure. Amber also likes to keep a protective watch over Nandini, while she’s busy solving complex puzzles.


About a Girl, and her Dog!prag

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  1. So much perfection in this post! – Amber, Nandini, the pictures and the story <3 Also love all the girl power! Happily-ever-afters like this are what makes everything worth it!

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