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When I was growing up, I wanted to learn to play drums and become the coolest rockstar ever! My parents didn’t have space or patience to tolerate the confused emotions of a teenage boy expressed in the form of loud booms and jarring clunks. I soon picked up my brother’s abandoned guitar and switched to a new plan – learn to play guitar and become the coolest rockstar ever!…and then I met my wife!

Shash bought me my first camera, and I soon found myself observing how light falls on faces during conversations, rolling in the dirt to get that different perspective, and standing neck deep in water trying to capture a perfect sunrise.

I am an IT professional by the day, a photographer at ridiculously awkward hours. I am based in Bangalore but my passion for photography takes me to destinations that help me find the extraordinary in the ordinary.

I like to tell stories with my photos by means of any creative hocus pocus that my mind can conjure. Explore my portfolio, and if you have similar needs in photography, reach me on +91 974 126 1261, or drop in your details here and I’ll make sure to contact you back.