Ala Barfi!

Alex was nervously pacing up and down. He had decided for adoption, but it had been months and nothing had worked out. He was doubting his decision. Was it the right time to adopt? Was he ready? Will things work out at home? People were keen that he give the adoption drive a chance. These adoption drives are never easy, and to find that perfect one to adopt, even tougher! How do you know which one’s perfect?

Next day at the adoption drive, Alex found out that all his worries were for nothing. While multiple eyes glazed at him, he knew that Sinchana was the one the moment he saw her. Alex wagged his bushy little tail and Sinchana knew she had been adopted! Sometimes humans adopt dogs, sometimes a dog adopts a human.

This is Alex, who now goes by the name of ‘Barfi’:


A lot has happened since that day at the adoption drive. From being scared of dogs, today Sinchana is an active volunteer at CARE and has helped rescue and care for many animals in distress. Sinchana’s sister, Inchara, has officially taken the role of Barfi’s guardian. And their mom, has claimed Barfi as her son, and hence the ‘parent’ title. Barfi can be seen following her around the entire house all day.

Barfi invited me to his lovely home to meet his family and be a part of some beautiful moments, which i was lucky enough to capture. Here are some of them:

Happy times (or was it some cat joke?) – Sinchana and Barfi:


Inchara and her mom constantly cuddle this fluff ball, whether he likes it or not!



Barfi on the other hand, besides being the CEO (chief entertainment officer), is also the head of security of this household. Although he doesn’t take the latter so seriously and multiple security breaches were noticed via bribery (cookies).

Guarding his post:


On his routine surveillance patrol:


The spongebob bell, which poses the biggest challenge in Barfi’s ninja skills to move around the house undetected:


Are we going for a walk or not?



_DSC3213-3Hello! It’s me, Barfi (a.k.a. Alex), and I bring you this message. If you’d love to have pets but don’t know how it may turn out, let me tell you this – There’s a whole army of trained dogs who are waiting for you at CARE (Charlie’s Animal Rescue cEnter) and other pet shelters across the country. Don’t worry, you’re in expert paws. Go get adopted today!





Ala Barfi!prag

5 comments on "Ala Barfi!"

  1. Loved the kind words! Thank you so very much!

  2. <3 the write up and the pictures are amazing!

  3. Superbly captured images. Love the emotions on Barfi’s face 🙂

  4. Radhika v Gujjar on

    When it was decided to bring a paw kid in home, it was a bit worry for me. I was not ready. It is responsibility of a life, though of 6kgs. But now, am thankful to kids. They made me more confident as mother. Now at the age of 49, am mother to third boy. Life is where we start positively.

    Thank you Pragalbh Ji. For your visit and narrating our feelings in a beautiful words just like that.
    God bless

  5. Aww this is such a lovely story and u done a great job penning it down…’s true sometimes the dog adopts a human too!!!

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