How I summoned the gods of rock!

Indian mythology clearly indicates that you need years of meditation, devotion, and hardship before gods would bless you with their presence. Well, not if you can download your gods photo off the intenet, own a 50mm lens, and a speedlight! With a little bit of time and creativity, you can summon the gods anytime you wish.


DIY Projector

Here’s what you will need:

  1. 1 x print of your god of choice on a transparent sheet
  2. 1 x 50mm D lens (gelded lenses can take a hike!)
  3. 1 x speedlight of your choice



First, cut out the photo you wish to project in the size of your flash head. No need to say, the photo needs to be compact, so it fits on the flash head.

Next, attach the photo on the flash head using tape. Make sure you attach the photo upside down.¬†Use the aperture ring on the 50mm and set it to its widest setting (I’m guessing smaller apertures should also work, in fact even better – let me know).

Here is where we really need to be in the DIY mode. We need to attach the 50mm lens in front of the flash head with the front element facing the flash, and rear element (the side that goes inside your camera body) facing outside.

What I did was wrap the flash and lens with a black cloth, and then string them to keep all of it in place. Black cloth would also prevent any light leakage. I also used a piece of hard cardboard strip to support the lens weight.

Here’s what my DIY projector looked like:



Well, not a smooth looking projector, but it’ll get the job done. The only thing left here is focusing the image on the projected medium. I just used one hand to hold the focus ring wrapped inside, and the other to swing the lens mount ring (so effectively, i was rotating the lens while keeping the focus ring in place)

Once the image is in focus, you should see something like this:


(BTW, if you didn’t attach the image upside down on the flash head earlier, you will end up with an inverted projected image – you can now proceed dismantling everything, removing the photo from flash head, flip it, ¬†reassemble, and focus again – or you could just turn your flash upside down, if you can)

Getting rid of the circles

I’m sure you would’ve noticed concentric rings on the projected image. That’s the projection of the front glass of the speedlight. The problem is all speedlights have that. The way to fix it is to have 2 or more inches of separation between the speedlight, the transparent sheet cutout, and a wide aperture (50mm AF-D lenses will come handy here). I am thinking pringles box, some black paint, and a knife to cut a slit for inseting a transparent sheet “slide”.

How I summoned the gods of rock!prag

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  1. This is great stuff… never did know this could be done. I love it…

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