How to drop your phone in milk


Well, for starters, its completely mental! Even so, its an easy enough task for someone to be writing instructions. Well, I’ll still do. The trick is to drop your phone in milk without dropping your phone in milk. Here’s how you can do it too…

First, milk is too thin to be used as medium for photography. All of those really thick and creamy milk shots you see in magazines and billboards aren’t milk. Use water and Fevicol in equal amounts to prepare a thick and viscous mixture.

Let me assure you, your phone can perhaps still survive milk, but will not survive being dropped in Fevicol. So what do we do? We search online for a cheap Rs. 99 transparent back cover for your phone. Tape some coins to it to add weight, and drop away…


And repeat the above some 150 times more. Note that the back cover has to be either transparent or the same colour as your phone body. Any other colour will cast a coloured shadow on the medium being used. Even water will reflect that colour.

Now everything else will seem obvious. Next step is to take a photo of your phone, like so…


Cut out your phone from the background, like so…


And finally, spend some time in post to composite the splash and phone images


Easy enough isn’t it? Well in theory yes. Shooting is fun too. It’s cleaning up the sticky mess from all your gear, furniture and floor thats difficult. Take precautions to protect your gear and other valuables from flying drops of Fevicol.

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