Hyperlapse Photography: Attempt #1

Unlike a timelapse, where camera doesn’t move at all or moves a small distance, in a hyperlapse the camera is moved over a large distance, constantly taking photos, and then combine those series of photos into a video.

I was recently spotted by multiple security staff acting irrationally and strange – setting up a shot, taking a photo, moving the tripod exactly one foot’s length, and then setting up the shot again. Needless to say I was interrupted for a few security checks and identity proofs.

Anyhow, here’s 3.5 hours of shooting 500+ photos and 1.5 hours of editing squeezed into 20 seconds. My life’s as a photographer is a wonderful waste of time! I love it! 🙂

Still loads to learn and experiment. Stay tuned for more…

Hyperlapse Photography: Attempt #1prag

One comment on "Hyperlapse Photography: Attempt #1"

  1. Love the hyperlapse. almost perfect if not for a few off placement shakes. Yes, a beautiful waste of time indeed.

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