Keep Calm & Stop Racism


On a quite Sunday morning, 200+ bikes roared on the streets of Bangalore. Yet, the message was louder than their engines – “Stop Racism”! On 16th Feb, Bangalore witnessed several biking enthusiasts from different riding clubs come together to present this city’s chapter of a nationwide association with a common purpose – Bikers Against Racial Discrimination (B.A.R.D).

I am not a riding enthusiast, nor a member of any of the participating biking groups. So when approached, I was expecting to meet a group of rough and tough men with some serious attitude. However, looks can be deceptive. These bikers with seemingly tough looks, obvious tattoos, and leather jackets are the most humble and approachable folks. They instantly invited me to their core organizing team meeting that weekend. I met some amazing people, who shared the details of the event and invited me to join them for the ride.┬áHere are some photos from the main event…

Biju is a passionate biker and a photographer. As a core organizer, he was one of the first to arrive at the scene.

BARD - Biju

In the midst of organizing such a large scale event, Prem (India Bull Riders) was kind enough to step out for a chat and a picture next to his bike.

BARD - Prem

Members of “The Bikerni” club, these ladies were gracious to allow me to take a photo in the early hours of the day. It was a bit overcast, and even though it was past sunrise, ambient light levels were still low. A simple change of white balance to Incandescent sent all ambient light packing into blueness. A quick pop of a 1/2 CTO gelled speedlight through a softbox neutralized the white balance for the subjects.


The sun had just started to seep through the clouds over the horizon (well, whatever we city dwellers call a “Horizon”). These fantastic gentlemen (Enfield Angels) had just arrived to join the ride and the cause.


Ajit (50 + Bulleteers), addressing the group before the ride, making sure that the message stays more important than the ride.


Shortly after the brief, the ride was flagged off from Town Hall, all the way to HSR Layout. Here are some more photos from the event:




Pirate Lord

Keep Calm & Stop Racismprag

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  1. Good visual coverage of the event..

  2. Thanks Pragalbh for this lovely article. Lovely set of photography and beautiful messages against racial discrimination.

  3. We r humble n lovely Manly Guys. Thanks for coming n ur comment .

  4. The photos are really good…

  5. Ajit Lakshmiratan on

    Pragalbh, your fotos are a visual treat. Keep up the good work. On behalf of all I convey our wholehearted appreciation.

  6. Awesome work bro..

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